Placing an order

Account setup and Placing orders

Absolutely not! We welcome guest purchases over here.

You betcha! Some of the few perks of signing up with us:

1. Faster checkouts
2. Earn loyalty points
3. Early access to exclusive product launches
4. Exclusive discounts

Kindly click on this link here: Sign up

1. Browse our site and look for your favourite drink
2. Add your drink to cart
3. Select your delivery mode
4. Complete payment
5. Done!

We will send you an order confirmation email if the payment went through. That's when you know that the order is confirmed.


Yes, we deliver after 10.30pm. However, we can only deliver to non-public places after 10.30pm.

Example of non-public places (Your home, office, hotel room, chalets)

For express deliveries, we typically take 30-90 mins to deliver. However, do give us some allowance during peak hour traffic, holiday seasons and rainy days.

Express/scheduled delivery:
$9 (island-wide)
$15 (holiday surcharge)

Free delivery for orders above $99.

We only accept online payments such as Visa/Masters/Amex and also PAYNOW transactions