Sobah Davidson Plum GF Ale

Sobah Davidson Plum GF Ale

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Product info

  • Volume: 330ml
  • Alcohol percentage: <0.5%
  • Brand: Sobah
  • Country of Origin:

Now a part of Sobah's core range, this lightly soured, aromatic gluten-free brew with an undertone of crisp green apple and a delightful pink hue, Davidson Plum GF Ale is sure to quench thirsts. An earthy aroma with musk and a touch of sweetness, the taste of Davidson plum is tart with some sourness and a slight bitterness. 

Piquant. Vibrant. Tart.

Nutritional Information: (per 100mL)

Energy (KJ) 67 / Energy (Cals) 16

Carbs Total 4gm / Sugar 1.8gm / Sodium 12mg

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