Bounceback Post-Alcohol Relief Pills

Bounceback Post-Alcohol Relief Pills

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1 sleeve pack contains 10 doses

Key Benefits
Improves your body’s alcohol metabolism
 Protects + supports liver health while drinking
 Reduces headaches + nausea symptoms
Replenishes essential vitamins + nutrients

How does it work?

Bounceback is designed to support your liver and help you feel refreshed in the morning after drinking - all thanks to our hero ingredient, dihydromyricetin (DHM).

It targets the major post-alcohol symptoms - headaches and nausea, which are caused by toxic by-products when your body's getting rid of the alcohol.

Bounceback boosts your alcohol metabolic rate, reduces the time and severity of discomfort after alcohol and replenishes lost vitamins, minerals and amino acids from alcohol consumption.

How to take?


Before drinking - take 2 capsules before your first drink of the night.
Drink responsibly - pace yourself and don't forget to drink lots of water.
After drinking - take 2 more capsules after your last drink / before bed.

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