Your Ultimate Christmas Alcohol Gift Guide: From Luxurious Spirits to Budget-Friendly Finds

Selecting the Perfect Alcohol Gift for the Festive Season

Celebrate the festive season with our curated selection of Christmas alcohol gifts. Whether you're looking for a luxurious treat for the discerning enthusiast or a festive surprise for a casual drinker, our guide simplifies your search. Discover a range of options from high-end spirits to affordable delights, all available with convenient delivery services.


Alcohol Gift Guide

Delightful Alcohol Advent Calendars

1. Premium Gin Collection - Drinks by the Dram

A very popular Christmas gifting advent calendar. Great for Gin lovers who wants to get surprised with a different Gin for 12 days till Christmas! 


2. The 12 Days of Whisky - Drinks by the Dram

A whisky lover's dream, featuring 12 different whiskies to explore in the lead-up to Christmas. Great for those who are curious to try a little bit of everything without having to buy a whole bottle!


3. Regions of Scotland Tasting Set

Take your loved ones on a luxurious trip to Scotland with these exceptional Scotch Whiskies. Discover the huge variety that Scotch whisky has to offer with Drinks by the Dram's best-selling tasting set this holiday season!



Unique Experiential Gift Sets

1. Glenfiddich 12 Years Whisky Flask Set

Pairing Glenfiddich 12 with a stylish whisky flask, this set is perfect for those who appreciate tradition with a modern twist.

Glenfiddich 12yrs giftbox with flask 70cl – Alcohol Express


2. Balvenie 12 Doublewood Makers Set

The Balvenie Makers Set includes Balvenie 12 years whisky, a ceramic whisky glass, and coaster, offering a sophisticated whisky tasting experience. With a beautiful customised gift box, your friends will be in awe opening it.

The Balvenie 12 Year Old Makers Pack – Since1887


3. Botanist Gin Highball Set

The Botanist gift set combines Botanist Gin with a highball glass, ideal for crafting elegant gin-based cocktails. Great for those who love botanical gins and cocktail enthusiast who like to experiment their drinks at home.

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin Glass Gift Set - Whisky-Online Shop


4. Aperol Spritz Gift Pack

For those who love brunching on a Sunday, this pack, featuring Aperol and Cinzano Prosecco, is perfect for creating the classic Aperol Spritz, a beloved Italian cocktail.

Buy Aperol Spritz Gift Set at the best price - Paneco Singapore


For more gift packs and gift sets, you can check out our gift guide here.


Budget-Friendly Alcohol Gifts for the Thrifty Gifter

Explore quality options that won't strain your wallet. Perfect for gifting without compromise and also great for Secret Santa parties with a budget! Check out our wallet-friendly recommendations below.


1. Bailey's Irish Cream
If your friends love indulging on ice creams and milkshakes, the Bailey's Irish Cream is the liqueur to go! A classic Irish cream liqueur, Bailey's blends rich cream with fine Irish whiskey, offering a smooth and indulgent taste. Your recipient can drink it as a drink or top it off on desserts.

2. Jagermeister Gift Pack
For those party animals, Jagermeister is a great gift to get. Don't just get them the bottle, get them the limited edition jagemeister party pack. It comes in a great gift box with a jagermeister branded sunglasses.

Jagermeister Herbal Liqueur | Cellarbration | Cellarbration


3. McGuigan Gift Pack

A duo of McGuigan wines in a sleek gift box, you don't have to worry about finding the perfect gift box, it already comes with a festive christmas box! This pack is ideal for wine lovers seeking variety and quality.


4. Destalo Wines
Looking for a wine that is white? red? rose? Destalo wines got your back with 6 different wine types to choose from. Not only does it taste refreshing and easy on the palette, the label on the wines are oh so cute too! 


5. Dassai 45

For those who have friends that love Japanese sakes, here's a well-branded sake that is super wallet friendly. The Dassai 45 is a well-balanced, mildly sweet sake with a smooth finish, perfect for those exploring Japanese brews.


We have many more budget friendly options for your loved ones! Find out more on our Thrifty page for more wines and spirits.


Luxury Spirits for High-End Splurges

Looking to indulge your loved ones with our selection of premium spirits? Check out the top few luxury alcohol selection that are ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


1. Chivas Royal Salute 30 Years

Looking to impress your father-in-law this Christmas? Here's an exquisite product, The Chivas Royal Salute 30 years. It is a blend of aged Scotch whiskies aged for 30 whole years! This luxurious spirit is a symbol of sophistication and prestige. 

2. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

A popular gift for many corporate clienteles. This renowned Scotch whisky, Blue Label is synonymous with exceptional quality and refined taste.


3. Balvenie 14 Caribbean

Aged in rum casks, this whisky offers a unique twist with its tropical notes and smooth texture.

4. Ki No Tea Kyoto Dry Gin
An elegant gin infused with botanicals and tea from Kyoto, delivering a unique and aromatic experience.

5. Dassai 23 Sake

The Dassai 23 Sake uses premium Yamada-Nishiki rice, polished down to 23% delivering delicate floral aromas with a palate reminiscent of honey and an elegant lasting finish. You can't go wrong giving this ultra-premium sake to your sake enthusiast friends.


Looking for more spirits and wines, check out our High-End Gift Page.


Celebratory Champagnes and Sparkling Wines

Champagnes and sparkling wines are a great gift for any Christmas housewarming parties. Poppin' one would bring so much cheers in the house! Choose from our selection of champagnes and sparkling wines, perfect for toasting to the joys of the season.


1. Lanson Black Label Brut

A versatile and well-balanced champagne, perfect for any celebration.

2. Lanson Rose Label Brut

A delicate and fruity rosé champagne, ideal for adding a touch of elegance to festivities.

3. Moet & Chandon Brut

A globally recognized champagne brand, known for its quality and finesse.

4. Destalo Sparkling Brut

A crisp and refreshing sparkling wine, offering excellent value and taste.

5. Cordorniu Organic Rose Brut

An organic rosé with a vibrant character, perfect for eco-conscious celebrants.

 Looking for proseccos or organic sparkling wines? Check out our Bubbly page for more choices.

Convenient Delivery to your Recipients

Scheduled Delivery for Thoughtful Planning

Take the stress out of gifting with our scheduled delivery option. Whether you're planning ahead for a special occasion or marking a significant milestone, our service allows you to choose a delivery date that suits your needs. This thoughtful feature ensures your gift arrives exactly when you want it to, adding a layer of anticipation and excitement to the gifting experience. Plus, for orders over $150, we're pleased to offer free delivery, making it not just convenient but also cost-effective.


Express Delivery for Last-Minute Surprises

We understand that sometimes, the need for a thoughtful gift arises at the last minute. For those spur-of-the-moment decisions or unexpected celebrations, our express delivery service is the perfect solution. Capable of delivering your chosen gift within 30 to 90 minutes, it's the ideal way to ensure your recipient receives their special surprise quickly and efficiently. Whether it's a sudden anniversary reminder or an impromptu gathering, we've got you covered with our prompt and reliable express delivery service.


Personal Touches for a Memorable Unboxing Experience

At the heart of every memorable gift is a personal touch. Our service allows you to add custom gift notes, conveying your heartfelt messages and well-wishes. Accompanying these notes are our elegant gift bags, designed to enhance the presentation of your gift. These stylish bags not only add a touch of sophistication but also protect your chosen spirits during transit. The combination of a personalized note and a beautifully presented package ensures that your gift is as delightful to unbox as it is to enjoy. You can check out our Gift Cards & Wraps section for more choices.

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Your Destination for Memorable Christmas Alcohol Gifts

Choose from our diverse range of alcohol gifts to make this Christmas memorable. With options for every preference and budget, and convenient delivery services, your perfect gift is just a click away. Spread the joy of the season with a thoughtful and beautifully presented alcohol gift.