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Where to Buy Alcohol after 10.30pm in Singapore [Updated 2020]

If you are an regular drinker in Singapore, there is always one question that constantly bothers you. "Where to buy alcohol after 10.30pm?"

It is one of those situations whereby you're having a great time drinking with your pals at night, having a great time catching up. Then suddenly, you run out of booze and you don't know where else you can get more booze other than a bar across the street.

Buying alcohol used to be really easy back in the days. All it took was a 5 minute walk to your nearest convenience store. But ever since the new Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act was formed in late 2015, it became a different ball game.


Liquor Control Act

When this new law took place, it sparked a huge uproar among the drinking community. It is now against the law to drink in public places after 10.30pm. 

See what you can or cannot do under the new alcohol law

The new law not only adversely affected business of alcohol retailers (many ceased business ever since), but also caused major inconvenience to the majority of Singapore's drinking population.

It narrowed down a consumer's choice to purchase liquor during late nights to only bars and nightclubs (which an extended license). While still relatively convenient, many fail to keep up with this lavish lifestyle; they desperately look for a cheaper alternative to let loose.


What you may not know

While there are still plenty of restrictions on buying alcohol at midnight, many people are not aware of this:

You can still purchase alcohol after 10.30pm from a licensed alcohol retailer if you do it online, and the retailer can deliver to you if you are at a non-public place. 

Don't just hear that from us, hear it from the authorities themselves.

This amendment to the Liquor Control Act was made on 1st Aug 2017, yet till today, many people are not aware of it. We conducted our own survey with over 100 regular drinkers (those who claim they drink at least twice a week). Take a look at the result:

Can you buy alcohol after 10.30pm in Singapore

Only 30% of the people we surveyed knew a legal source to purchase alcohol after 10.30pm, and majority of them are our happy customers.


Where to buy alcohol after 10.30pm?

Prime Liquor Alcohol Delivery

Over here at Prime Liquor, we are the only online alcohol retailer that operates 24/7 in Singapore, and we have been receiving really good feedback from our customers on how our 24 hour alcohol delivery service brings convenience to them.

How to order? It's fairly simple, let us guide you through:

  1. Choose your favourite drink from our Same Day Delivery menu
  2. Place an order on our online shop of call (+65) 81333943 to order
  3. Receive your order and enjoy your drink

Note that we currently do not deliver wine on the same day. If you'd like to order some wines, please do order 1 day in advance.

Check out our top-selling item from our store:

Soju Delivery Singapore

Jinro Grapefruit Soju Bundle, 5 bottles for $59. 

Delivery Fee

We charge different delivery rates depending on the time of your order:

  • $8 for orders made before 1am
  • $15 for orders made from 1am onwards
  • FREE DELIVERY for all orders above $100

We take an average time of 45mins to deliver your order to your doorstep. But as mentioned earlier, we can only deliver to non-public places after 10.30pm.


What is a non-public place?

According to the authorities, a non-public place refers to a place in which members of the public have no access to. This includes:

  1. Residential homes (excluding common spaces such as void decks)
  2. Private function rooms within privately owned premises (e.g. Condominiums)
  3. Private rooms in hotels and country clubs
  4. Office premises (in which the employees have access to)

1) Residential homes

There are those nights when you're simply just craving for a drink at home, but you ran out of booze from your stash. With our service, you can get your favourite drink delivered to your doorstep within 45 mins.

But please allow us the honor to deliver to your unit, because we are simply not allowed to deliver to your void decks.


2) Private function rooms

Celebrating a birthday at your condo's function room can be really fun with some BBQ action and swimming. But imagine having some ice cold beers to top that off.

Save the trouble of carrying heavy cartons of beers from the nearest supermarket, let us do the hard work. We'll deliver your favourite beers to your pool-side of function room.

Talk about perks of being a High SES!


3) Private rooms in hotel and country clubs

Nowadays, it's very common for millennials to celebrate birthdays in hotel rooms , chalets and even country clubs (for all the high SES). 

So what are the essentials? - Instagramable-ness

  • your loved ones to share the happy occasion
  • party decorations (balloons and confetti, yay!)
  • food for your guests
  • Boooooze (especially on your 18th or 21st)

To celebrate your first step to adulthood, you got to have your first sip of alcohol - to instantly establish a love or hate relationship towards it.

Luckily for you inexperienced young souls, we have specially curated alcohol bundles for this occasion.This bundle typically provides for 10 - 12 people.


4) Office premises

Having a company event or a networking session? Other than some light refreshments, its good to have some beer around to help the event attendees loosen up. You know what they say:

"Alcohol can either be your confidence booster, or your truth serum."

Either way, it's good for the occasion. Let us do the hard work and deliver the beers to you, but please give our delivery guys access to your office premises, the beers can get really heavy.



It's not the end of the world for regular drinkers when the new Liquor Control Act came into force. Rather than making it harder to purchase alcohol, it is in fact easier. Because with our service, rather than walking down to your nearest convenience store like the older days, you can now have it delivered to your doorstep at your convenience.

With Singapore's vibrant online shopping market, purchasing everything just got easier, and purchasing alcohol should be easy too.

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