What to Gift This Holidays!

With the holiday season fast approaching, most of us are scratching our heads as to what we should buy in order to make our gifting experience for recipients a memorable one. One category of gifts is beginning to stand out due to the emerging trends and it is ALCOHOL! The many types of alcohol provide different experiences for different types of demographics. Here are some suggested products that will sure to make a lasting impression on your recipients! 


LAIBA Gift Set 

  • Suitable for Corporate Gifting.

The LAIBA Gift Set is a classy concoction of 8 specially curated flavors unique to the brand. From fruity flavors to bitter notes, the set covers all taste profiles, providing an extensive selection that will make a complete experience. With its striking minimalistic gifting box, the LAIBA Gift Set exudes elegance and sophistication, sending a message of class to the intended recipient. The LAIBA Gift Set might just be the perfect gift this holiday season for you to take your professional relationships to the next level.




LAIBA Maxim Schulte

  • Suitable for Corporate Gifting.

Classy yet fun, The LAIBA Maxim Schulte is a versatile product that can be gifted under any circumstance. The set is the first release in Laiba’s Special Edition collection, through which the brand teams up with well-known bartenders to create bottled cocktails. This very first Special Edition has been mixed and designed by the wonderful Maxim Schulte, formerly of The American Bar at The Savoy in London and currently the head bartender at KOL Mezcaleria. With deep expertise put into representing cultures, the Gift Set would surely be an experience that will allow recipients to fully appreciate the processes of Maxim Schulte’s journey. 




GIN Advent Calendar

  • Suitable for Corporate and Casual (For Him, Her, Friends & Family) Gifting.

A fun and intriguing experience, the GIN Advent Calendar proves a gift that anyone can enjoy. With 11 handpicked specialty gins, the countdown to Christmas will surely be an exciting affair as you’ll get to enjoy different samples of incredible gin every day. With a great variety of Gin from all over the world, this provides a great opportunity for anyone to learn or even develop a new interest for the new year this holiday season.




WHISKY Advent Calendar

  • Suitable for Corporate and Casual (For Him, Her, Friends & Family) Gifting.

The Christmas countdown has just gotten more fun and interesting with the Whisky Advent Calendar! Behind this charming exterior, you will find 24 unique Whiskies, with no two drams the same, every door reveals a wax-sealed miniature. Each is meticulously sourced from distilleries around the world. A perfect gift for Whisky lovers or someone open to experiencing something new. The Whisky Advent Calendar proves a gift that will both surprise and bring joy to recipients. 




WHISKY Collection Set

  • Suitable for Corporate and Casual (For Him, Her, Friends & Family) Gifting.

The Whisky collection set provides you with intricate suspense and surprise in the countdown towards Christmas. Behind the 12 compartments, lies different wax-sealed dram of Whiskeys that have been meticulously sourced. A perfect concept in allowing recipients to enjoy alcoholic treats in anticipation every day. The perfect gift that will surely impress and leave lasting memories.




Retro Gin Fridge

  • Suitable for Casual Gifting (For Him, Her, Family, and Friends)

Throwback to nostalgia with Retro Gin Fridge, a gift that is retro and reminisces of the good old times. A great present for anyone who loves gin or just appreciates quality novelty gifts. With 8 unique Gin flavors, that have been carefully selected to make up the set, recipients can enjoy a wholesome experience of what Gin has to offer and is about. A great way to put fun into this holiday season with style!




Ferrand Cognac Set

  • Suitable for Corporate and Casual Gifting (For Him, Family, and Friends)

An excellent gift to cognac lovers or an introductory set to someone who knows nothing, the Ferrand Cognac set pays tribute and is an excellent opportunity to into the world of Cognac.  The set pays homage to the heritage of Ferrand Cognac and embraces its diversity by including the 4 different styles (1840 Original Formula, Ambré, 10 Générations, and Double Cask Réserve). A great gift in encouraging recipients into relaxing this holiday season as they are encouraged to sit down, pick up a glass and let loose. 




Sake Cup Gift Set

  • Suitable for Corporate and Casual Gifting (For Him, Her, Family, and Friends)

A popular gift choice, Sake cups are used in gifting as a sign of respect and a blessing to enjoy the bright taste and gentle flavors of rice used in producing the beverage. The Gift sets come in both Set A and B with their design inspiration coking from the Akita Festival. 

  • Set A is representative of the Summer Festival with its design depicting Fireworks, Paper Lanterns, and Bon Fire Dancing. Joyous occasions that are unique to the season and will carry forward the happiness blessings to recipients. 


  • Set B relates to Winter with its design showcasing Snow Huts, Dog Snow Statues, and Folklore Demons. A great way in reminding traditions while allowing recipients to also enjoy a good cup of Sake. 




Four Fox Sake

  • Suitable for Corporate and Casual Gifting (For Him, Her, Family, and Friends)

Sophisticated yet fun, Sake is a great gift as they carry the ability to elevate aspects of an individual. Carrying the sophisticated aura but never coming across as snobby, Sake gifting allows one to present themself as genuine and not pretentious. The act of gifting Sake should be done with respect to someone with blessings of a much more fruitful future. A great way to foster and build relationships with existing and new stakeholders. 




Wine Bundles

  • Suitable for Corporate and Casual Gifting (For Family, and Friends)


A classy gift that consists full of flavors to savor, wine gifting is never boring and is an act of extending the value of happiness to the recipient. Wine gifting represents the respect that you have towards the other party both professionally and personally, it makes it clear that time spent with them is always appreciated. Wine gifting proves an act of great relationship-building and goodwill. And it is only normal for people who want to wish well upon others, to continue to engage in this phenomenon. 




Now that you know what are the alcoholic gifts that will surely leave a lasting impression on your recipients, HAPPY SHOPPING! Alternatively, if you would like to browse other alcohol products, you may visit us on our WEBSITE. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!