What to expect at ARTBOX 2023 with Prime Liquor!

The popular event Artbox is finally back in Singapore and brings together local artisans and vendors to showcase their products to the masses. This year, Prime Liquor is proud to be the official liquor partner for Artbox. At Prime Liquor, we strive to provide our customers with a unique experience with every sip, and this year at Artbox, we will be bringing you different alcoholic beverages and experiences that cater to every tastebud.


Here's what you can expect from us at Prime Liquor if you attend the event!


1) Clumzy Slushie

One of our highlights at Artbox this year will be the Clumzy Slushy, an alcoholic slushie made from Clumzy Plumzy.

For those who don't know, Clumzy Plumzy is a Sour Plum Vodka that is locally brewed in Singapore. The products hold 17.4% ABV and are sweet upon tasting. It is made from a variety of natural fruits such as plums, lemons, oranges, and many more. Providing a unique taste experience, blending different fruits to create new and refreshing flavors that are not typically found in other alcoholic beverages. The Clumzy Slushy is something to look forward to because it is refreshing and acts like a version of Singapore's margarita. It is a new experience for alcohol drinkers and something that everybody should try!

2) Free Wine Tasting

For those who love wine, we have something special in store for you at Artbox this year. We will be offering free wine tasting from Destalo, which brings the most authentic taste from Portugal.

This is a great opportunity for us to engage with our audience and start a conversation with them. Everyone can join in because you don't need to know wine to drink it. Artbox is an event for everyone, and we at Prime Liquor champion inclusivity. So come on down to have some free wine and connect with us!


3) Delicious cocktails from Laiba

Another highlight at Artbox this year will be the delicious cocktails from Laiba. Laiba Cocktails is a brand that specializes in creating pre-batched craft cocktails. 

Laiba Cocktails uses only natural ingredients, premium spirits, and house-made syrups to create their range of cocktails. The cocktails are pre-mixed but shaken on the spot, and there are a variety of flavors that will be sure to delight your tastebuds. Our goal is to provide customers with premium-quality cocktails that are easy to make and enjoyable to drink. This is a concept we are trying to introduce to Singapore, which is that instead of going to a bar for cocktails, the bar can come to you with Laiba! So head down to Artbox to try all the flavors, because you won't be disappointed!

Some of the cocktails available at ARTBOX include Bloody Mary, Earl's Old Fashion, Cold Brew Martini, I AM Coconuts, Laiba Sour, In Love with Rosemary, Twisted Negroni, Passion De-Light, Oriental Revival, and Pina Colada.

Interested yet? We hope that we've tempted you and made you drool with our exciting alcoholic lineups! So what are you waiting for? We hope to see you at Artbox this year, the event runs from 24 to 26 February and 3 to 5 March!

Alternatively, you may visit our website here to satisfy any of your alcoholic cravings from our wide range of selections!