The Ultimate Survival Guide for ULTRA Singapore 2019

It's the time of the year again – when the night skies of Marina Bay is illuminated with coruscating laser rays and fancy fireworks, paired with loud electronic rhythms roaring through the stages. Put those dancing shoes on as ULTRA Singapore is back consecutively for the 5th year on 8th & 9th June.

While raving to ecstatic music has never been a really hard “sport”, surviving a music festival does requires a little bit of knowledge and skills. The "ULTRA veterans" would know the Do's & Don'ts with their "combat experience", but if you’re new and fresh from the battlefield, this guide will help you have a banging time over the Ultra weekends!

Knowing How to Get There

Location: Ultra Park at 1 Bayfront Avenue, S(018971)

Public transport: Ultra Park is located right next to Bayfront MRT and is accessible via both the Downtown and Circle Lines. After you alight at Bayfront MRT, proceed to Exit A and it will bring you to the West Entrance of Ultra Park (best for General Admission ticket holders; if you’re a Premium General Admission ticket holder, alight at Marina Bay Station)

Driving: The nearest car park would be at Marina Bay Shoppes, but be wary of the high car park fee. We recommend the open car park near Shoppes, at 11 Marina Blvd, Marina Bay City Gallery, S(018940). The car park is just a couple of mins walk away from the entrance of ULTRA Park.

Fun fact: If you bring your own Booze, this is the perfect place to pre-drink. Open up your car boot and gather around your car for drinks, +10 points for festive vibes!

Grab or Gojek: The nearest drop off point would be Marina Bay Sands Convention centre.


ULTRA Important Rules & Regulations

 NO re-entry allowed: Unless you’re willing to splurge in ULTRA Park, we recommend you to have enough food & pre-drinks before you enter. Food & drinks are available for sale in ULTRA Park, but the prices can be a little bit on the high side. ($8 to $15 for food, $12 for a cup of cocktail)

NO outside food & drinks: As mentioned earlier, the food & drinks is going to be expensive in ULTRA Park, so remember to grab a bite and have pre-drinks before you enter. See the most convenient and affordable way to pre-drink here (link to bottom part).

NO DSLRs, audio & video equipment & selfie sticks: While it’s important to document down your raving adventures for the memory books, we do not recommend you to bring professional recording devices. The security has the right to confiscate your equipments during the bag check, so just stick to your smartphone camera; it should be more than enough for your series of IG stories!

NO bulky bags: Backpacks have to be smaller than 13 inches by 17 inches (33cm by 43cm), and made of clear plastic, PVC, or mesh. Fanny packs and tiny sling bags are allowed

NO unsealed cigarettes: You are allowed to bring cigarettes to ULTRA Park. However, upon entry, the pack must be sealed. Unsealed cigarettes will be thrown away on the spot during bag checks.

To see the full list of prohibited items, click here 


What You Need to Bring

Credit card & some cash: There will be no ATMs on site, so bring your credit card & enough cash for food, drinks, & for your transport back home.

ULTRA tickets: Bring your printed tickets or E-tickets on the first day to claim your ULTRA wrist bands.

Identification: Bring your NRIC or Driving license

Sunscreen: You’ll want apply some sunscreen for this festival, the sun can be relentless (especially in the early afternoons) in Singapore.

Sunglass and/or cap: Protect your eyes from getting jabbed by random laser rays, and also to, you know, look cool.

Earbuds (optional): Protect your ears from the loud music, this is completely opional

Poncho: In case it rains, you don’t want the rain to mess up your hair and/or your makeup!

Portable charger: Your phone is probably not going to last through the whole day. To be safe, bring extra juice for your phone so it die on you.

A stylish fanny pack or sling bag would be a good idea to carry all these items above!


What You Should Wear

While we want to Dress for the Gram, being comfortable in your outfit is vital to ensure you have a kick-ass time during the festival. Here are some Do’s & Don’ts:

Do embrace hats

Hats are not only great for disguising your mane if you’re having a bad hair day, but also keeps the sun off from boiling your head, face and neck.

Don’t wear your fresh kicks

Nothing is worse than coating your fresh Adidas/Nike kicks with mud & grass. It’s going to be a pain to wash your shoes at the end of the festival. Try wearing one of your older shoes, but make sure it is comfortable. You don’t want clusters of blisters on your feet after hours of non-stop raving, you’ll still have another day to go!

For an extra layer of protection for your kicks, we recommend coating your shoes with water repellent spray. It’ll cost you around $20 for a bottle, be a share, share it with your friends!

Don’t wear slippers or sandals

We often associate comfortable shoes with slippers or sandals; but in this case, it can be an absolute nightmare for you. Even without rain, the terrain is going to be muddy & grassy; you won’t want your toes to be oozed in mud. Furthermore, chances are, you’re are going to get stomped on your feet a lot by the people around you. Thus, wearing covered shoes would be a good idea!

Do try to be practical

Ladies, try to avoid jumpsuits, playsuits, overalls and rompers for one particular reason: portable toilets. No matter how cool your outfit is, finding yourself having to take it off fully to use the toilet is not. Plus, having anything drag on the floors of those portable toilets are nothing but ideal


ULTRA Line-ups & Performing Schedule

Planning your entry time according to the performing schedule is vital. You don’t want to enter too early when the sun is blazing hot during the early afternoon to catch up on DJs who you are not so interested in. Typically, the big names are scheduled at the later part of the day, so you don’t want to tire yourself out too early.

To properly keep track on the schedule, you can see the full-line up here  Alternatively, you can download ULTRA’s mobile app here.


The Best Way to Pre-drink before ULTRA

A Music Festival is never complete without any alcohol in your blood system. How else would you hype yourself to get into the Festival Mood?

As mentioned above, drinks in ULTRA Park can be really expensive; and you won’t be able to re-enter once you leave the site, so it’s going be a good idea to have your pre-drinks outside.

Where to get your pre-drinks

Get your pre-drinks delivered to you chilled to your homes before you depart to ULTRA Park, or have it delivered to the pre-drink Hotspot (see below) near ULTRA Park. We have curated many special bundles that includes everything you need:  the drink of your choice, chilled mixers, ice and cups.

Take a look at our bundles here

How much should you drink?

The security reserves the right to deny entry to anyone with rowdy & reckless behavior, so we don’t recommend you to drink too much before entering ULTRA Park.

You’ll want to drink to the point that you are tipsy but not drunk. If you have trouble with gauging your tolerance level, remind your friends to stop you from drinking more when they think that you’re getting to that level. That being said, remember to take care of your friends as well!

Our Festive Bundles are expertly curated for occasions like this. The amount of drinks with the amount of mixers are expertly though out for you to have a great pre-drinking sesh.


Post Festival: How to Exit

When the music festival ends, there is bound to be a line that jams up the taxi flagging process. To make a proper exit, try to leave the venue and head to a more secluded area. Get a Grab or flag for a taxi there so you don’t have to wait in line behind a mountain of fatigued ravers.

If you are taking the MRT, these are the last timings for Bayfront MRT:

Circle line (going towards Stadium): 1157pm

Circle line (going towards Marina Bay): 1151pm

Downtown line (going towards Bukit Panjang): 12.18am

Downtown line (going towards Expo): 1204am


Have a ULTRA good time at ULTRA Singapore

Now you’ve seen our survival guide, you’re ready to have a blast over the ULTRA weekends. Do remember to stay hydrated and take care of yourself and your friends! Find this guide useful? Share it to your friends so that can be equally well-informed as you!


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