DISTILLERIE DU ST. LAURENT (St. Laurent Gin & St. Laurent Gin Vieux)

St. Laurent Distillery 

Le Bas-Saint-Laurent, sa terre, son fleuve, mis en bouteilles - Caribou


A distillery based in Quebec, Canada, where winters are harsh and winds rip across rocky headlands and rivers. St. Laurent produces gin products that are a reflection of the region’s identity, climate, and traditions through creative innovation and spontaneous eccentricity. 


What is St. Laurent Gin?

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St. Lauren Gin is an all-natural and handcrafted gin that is distilled in small batches. It is done so in a custom-designed gin basket through a steam infusion of exotic spices with the maceration of laminaria seaweed. This resulted in forming base notes for the gin and extracting umami flavors. The product is 43% ABV.


St. Laurent Gin flavor profile

With the presence of heavy sea breeze flavors, the gin also exudes intense herbal and citrus notes, together with peppery and cinnamon spices. Complementing those flavors, botanical scents relating to juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, cassia bark, licorice root, lemon peel, bitter orange peel, cubeb berry, grain of paradise, laminaria seaweed (kombu) are also present, embodying the natural sentiment that St Laurent is trying to portray. 


Awards & Honours

  • New York International Spirits Competition 2016: Canadian Gin Distillery of the Year
  • Revue du vin de France: “One of the ten major spirits discovered in 2017”
  • Québec Whisky: “I think this is the best gin I have tasted to this day! Luscious and original, I love it!”



What is St. Laurent Gin Vieux?

Charting a new course at Canada's Distillerie du St. Laurent - Gin Magazine

The pièce de résistance of gin, each month tiny portions of ready St. Laurent Gin are transferred to ex-bourbon casks which are in pristine condition and are aged for over a year. Creating a stunning sipping gin that is premium yet versatile, able to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of tonic. The product is 47% ABV.


St. Laurent Gin Vieux flavor profile

Retaining the marine saltiness and umami flavors from the original St. Laurent gin, rich in citrus flavors with candied orange and lemon taking center stage, scents such as cinnamon notes from the cassia bark and vanilla notes from the oak casks are present, integrating to form subtle spiciness. Adding character and complexity to the beautiful and premium aged gin. 



  • New York International Spirits Competition 2016: Canadian Gin Distillery of the Year
  • International Spirits Challenge 2018: Silver medal



Cocktail Suggestions:

St. Laurent Gin 

St. Laurent Gin Vieux

Red Snapper

White Lady





Tom Collins

Tom Collins

Gin Rickey


Suffering Bastard


Food pairing suitable for both:

  • Lamb: Gin contains juniper, a botanical often used in lamb dishes to enhance the red meat’s flavor. The combination allows the taste of both elements to be elevated. 
  • Paté: Patés are often seasoned with juniper berries, so this makes the French meat paste the ideal snack to eat with gin because it enhances the flavor profile of both entities.
  • Chocolate: The latter provides a distinct contrast which helps keep the flavor profiles of both the gin and the chocolate intact allowing each to compliment the other perfectly. 


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